Is there a simple way to do miters?

In the attached I have two poly surfaces (open to show the details but I need closed). Is there any simple way to create a miter to join the two?

I have a lot of these to do.
Problem (114.6 KB)

In this case the curve to do the miter is not a line and it varies in 3D.

It can be done, but I have had to explode split surfaces individually to make it work. There has got to be an easier way.

I would construct a cutting plane (red) defined by 3 intersection points (green), like this:

You can than use it to trim the relevant parts of the polysurfaces.

It’s a pretty quick way!

The problem in this case is that the closed cutting curve does is not planar.

OK, than you probably need to explode the polysurfaces and do them pair-wise with individual cutting planes, which is more tedious.

Hello - Your two input objects are not the same, so getting a miter that has everything meeting up cleanly will certainly be a challenge - is that the idea?

In any case, the simple way is to get a Cplane parallel to the plane of the frame, start Trim, use InfinitlePlane > Vertical as the cutter and snap to intersections to find the right diagonal.


Yes, they are part of the intersection of two armor plates of different thicknesses.