Is there a command to drop objects bases down to C plane en masse?

V5 (inc layer bug)
Is there a command I can apply to a number of solids to drop them down to have their bases touch Cplane.
I want to break down my model into separate parts and sit them all on the same base plane for 3D printing, minimising the Z height for the build.

Rather than have to select each base and move it down to z 0 i.e. Cplane, something I could run, to do all in one go ?
Ideally also to separate them out from each other by an indicated amount.

Just would save me some time doing it one at a time.

Otherwise, selecting a point on the base, how do I tell it to take that point to the Cplane that will be the build base for 3D printing. Move command obviously but then what entry to make ?


In base Rhino, you can use the Align>Bottom command in Front view and then snap to something on the Z0 plane.

Or you can use a script such as one of the the ones below.


AlignBottomToZero.rvb (559 Bytes) (401 Bytes)


Hi Mitch,
Align Bottom does nicely :smile:
I’ll also try the codes.


Hi Mitch,
I try to download your Is this a private definition?
Tank’s in advance.
Best regards!

Hi @bermu,

You can do this in Rhino without a script: Select the objects, open the Boxedit panel, choose the World or Current cplane as appropriate, select the Z “Min” and “Transform objects individually” options and set the Position Z value to zero.



No, not at all, but there is something wrong with Discourse, the links above seem to be invalid. I am posting it again below: (401 Bytes)

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Thank’s a lot! Mitch

Hello Helvetosaur,
I just came across this thread and although the align bottom to zero tool is useful, is there an equivelant script to align the top of objects to zero? Or can you help me to modify the file?


Hello - you can always use the Align command in a ‘side’ view and CPlane.


This is currently what I do, or in some cases ‘move between’…

I was just looking to speed up the workflow by creating buttons with the align to top and align to bottom scripts.

Unfortunately I haven’t a clue what I’m looking at when opening the script to make the changes from the bottom of the object to the top. lol

Here is a macro that might do it:
Cplane rotate X 90 Plan CPlane View Align pause Top 0 UndoView UndoView CPlane Undo CPlane Undo


thanks, I’ll give it a try

This should do it: (367 Bytes)

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Thanks a bunch - lifesaver