Drop objects to surface / floor

Hey Iam looking for a method to drop objects on my c plane as they would lay on the floor.
i had a research before but all i found were too old rhino scripts which were not working in rhino 6

thanks for helping regards


This one should work (Python script)

AlignBottomToZero.py (3.4 KB)

Note: if you do not preselect the objects, there are some command line choices - one is World or active CPlane Zero, the other is whether you want your objects to move as a group (maintaining their spatial relation) or individually (all land at 0). I expect you want CPlane and Individual in this case.


If you mean seeing how a solid object will balance-
drop_example.gh (150.1 KB)


thanks for answering
i just tried it but i did not give the result i expected

this is the original orientation - the things in red is the orientation that i need to correct so it will lay flat

do you think its pissible

thanks and regards david

Ah, that is not the same thing… I don’t have a script for doing that - the GH solution above is probably the only good way.

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ah ok thank you anyway

i thought it might be not too complicated since all 3d slicer programs do that automatically

Hi, one way might be to do a 2point orientation with a helper curve or surface. —Mark

My ‘2d’ workaround is to make a Silhouette curve in that view and use that curve to snap to to make rotations and orient etc. Of course that is not the same at all as ‘gravity’, but it can work well enough for an image.