Is there a better way to browse trees and their contents?

Is there a better way to browse trees and their contents (see them highlighted on the screen) than shown below? Seems strange that such a fundamental operation would need three components.

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 10.52.37 AM

It’d be awesome if there was something like param viewer where I could mouse over the various branches or items in their branches and see them highlighted on the screen. Does this exist?

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thought the same, so I made a component to examine a tree, it shows up under the set tab.
When I already finished it,I remembered the cherry picker. For some reason I never got used to use it.
I´ll let it here for if you want to try:TreeBranchItem.gha (9.5 KB)
It´s really basic(no exception handling etc)

Interesting. Thanks Baris, Joseph.

This is how I normally do it. If I want to view the order of a list, I just drop in anotherlist item node afterwards. I find it much less cumbersome than the Cherry Picker.

i love it !!