Easiest way to scroll through a list?

What I’d like is a node that lets me actually scroll through a list so I can glance at the index of a particular item, or just get a feel for the list. Every time I want to do this I need to feed the list into a List Item with an index # and ugh. All I want is to see an actual list with actual scroll bars and the ability to highlight items as I’m scrolling.

Is there some easier way than building a viewer each time with List Item?

vuTreeList_2017_Jan19a.gh (20.0 KB)


Thanks. I wish things like this didn’t need to be built from the ground up each time - a simple standalone list scroller would be so nice.

Is there a way to take a definition like this and save it into the toolbar? I’m imagining something like Rhino’s ability to move around buttons. So I could take something like that tree list scroller definition and save it as a new tool into the grasshoppper toolbar. Build up a library of custom functions.

Not that I know of. ‘File | Create User Object’ works only with clusters (I have a collection of them), but I get this tool from my ‘File | Recent Files’ feature. Since I use it so frequently, I usually don’t have to scroll very far to find it.

It would really great if clusters supported UI features on their faces, wouldn’t it?

As things are now, I recommend keeping a separate folder of “special” GH files that you may wish to refer to over and over, like this ‘Tree/List Viewer’ tool.

Have you tried using the Data Viewer from the View Menu?


with sunglasses installed, the lists appear zooming in:


The data viewer still only gives a static list that seems exactly like dropping a panel in. Scrolling through it doesn’t highlight any particular items in that list unless I’m missing something.

Try with Cherry Picker component.

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The cherry picker would be great if it was either:

a.) an actual list one could scroll through, or
b.) the scrolling was agnostic about screen borders ie. it continued scrolling past the boundry of the screen so you could scroll through a long list of numbers in one movement.

Considering how important lists are, I really hope there’s something coming in grasshopper 2 that makes navigating them and quickly spotting items a lot easier.

Still not quite what I’m after but a very useful plugin, thanks. Seems like it can replace Bifocals while addings a bunch of extra stuff.

OK, so it the second part of your wish that I don’t quite understand. (or do I?)

I sometimes do what you have done with List Item to see individual items and also something similar with Tree Branch to see individual branches and I agree it is tedious although it should be easy to wrap this up into a cluster or custom component to make it easier.

Perhaps someone wants to show us how?..

I guess if data viewer could highlight the geometry if you selected the item or branch in it’s list then this would do the same?..

Imagine the data viewer had a highlighted block at the top. And every time you scrolled through a list, whichever list item was in that block, it would highlight the object. So if I had a list of 500 points and I quickly wanted to spot which point was where in the list, I could scroll through the list and see the points being highlighted as I’m scrolling. This is what Cherry Picker kind of does, but Cherry Picker is very clunky.

Yeah this. If data viewer highlighted the geometry as you scroll through the list.

It’s easy enough to combine the two clusters into a single cluster and create a User Object with it, but the UI features would have to be added each time. The two sliders, the two text panels that show the selected branch path and list index, the two Custom Preview components (blue and yellow) that indicate visually the selected branch and item.

I suppose the entire lot with UI features could be encapsulated in a cluster that accepts a single tree input and that you would have to open/edit to access the UI controls but that could be a pain, eh?

I frequently use text panels instead of the Data Viewer to see tree/branch structure but the ‘Tree/List Viewer’ tool is REALLY USEFUL when I want to understand which geometry is in each branch and the sequence of branches and items in each branch. Sometimes I use two copies of the tool driven by a single pair of sliders to understand two trees at once that have the same structure.

P.S. Just for kicks, I tried clustering the entire ‘Tree/List Viewer’ tool, and though its use is not intuitive, it’s not entirely bad, given the ability to ‘File | Create User Object’ with it. Outputs are optional.

TreeListVu_2021_Jul13a.gh (18.2 KB)

The (now internal) vTrE and vList clusters are not password-protected so can be opened and edited, as before.

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