Is Rendering in crossgems slowing you down too?

Hi Guys, for a little while now, maybe when Panther moved over to Cross gems, I’ve been struggling to get consistent renders to show my clients. This also coincides with error messages when either starting the program or when I move to the render tab. Is this a common occurrence or am I the only one? Has anyone found a solution? Many thanks
Also looks like this is the first topic in the cross gems page, so welcome to all who come accross it.

Hello Wildtrout,

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Answering your questions;

  • The error message about the missing file has been resolved in subsequent updates.
  • Please verify that you have the latest update installed.
  • You can write on the command “cgreseturserfolder” and it will restore the main folder solving troubles when there is a corrupted file.

By the other hand I contacted you in January to fix this issue but we got no response. (please check the spam folder in your email box)
If you have any issue remember that you can contact us at [] and we will find a solution.

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Hi Guys

Thankyou for your reply

I have reset the user folder and although the render of the ring is fine I can’t use any of the “ground” planes, it defaults to diamond.

Please see the picture attached.

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Hello David,

We are working right now on this issue, and It will be solved in the next update.

*By now you can just check the ground plane box at render icon. [See the image attached]

  • Once check the ground plane box it will show the ground as usual.

We are sorry for the problems experienced. If you find any issue do not hesitate to contact us.

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Hello there,

About the issues;

  • The background problem has been fixed in the latest update.

If anyone has any problems with it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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