Best way to use Rhino on a mac

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I’ve previously had experience using Bootcamp and a Windows 7 install and it’s been very temperamental. I believe it has something to do with the updates, as I sometimes go quite a few months where I do not use the windows partition on the mac. Currently it’s not booting into Windows at all, so I am unable to use Rhino.

Now that the new Macbook Pro is out, I’m wondering what I should do re: Rhino, as I do need it but it’s quite tiring to jump back and forward when I’ve got to update everything each time I try to use windows/rhino on my mac and then find it breaks.

Is there a better option - such as a micro PC and plugging that into my Macbook to use it as a display? Of course that will bring other issues like the keyboard or mouse into play - hard to say.

Ultimately I’d like to keep a minimal amount of equipment around. I’m trying to avoid using Rhino for mac for as long as I can because it feels quite clunkly, slow to use and doesn’t have the same menu setup. Unless there’s been a big improvement since a few months ago - correct me if I’m wrong! Should I just learn to deal with the Mac version?


i definitely think if you’re using macOS for everything else and bootcamping only for Rhino then you’re way better off using Rhino for Mac.

like- way better off

however, as a disclaimer, i’ve only used rhino for mac and i don’t bootcamp/use windows…
so i’m pretty sure the above is exactly what someone would expect someone like me to say :wink:

I learned Rhino back in 2005 when it was only a Windows program, and I’ve used both the Windows and Mac versions since 2008. I tend to type vs. using the tool palettes. Do note that there is a “Rhino for Windows” theme in preferences, and the “ribbon bar” tabs are organized the same way. But I actually prefer the Mac interface. Rhino is the most “Mac-like” 3D modeling program in existence.

If you’re coming in from longtime use of the Windows version, it’s going to feel that way. The Mac version was not made with you in mind. There is a bunch of stuff that looks and works differently and can be annoying as hell for a Windows Rhino user. How long it will take to get used to it or if you ever will is a question only you can answer…


Yeah I learned rhino on windows in 2002 and it’s stuck with me. I’ve been a mac user for many years too but it doesn’t feel the same on a mac, there were some commands missing I recall.

well its getting better, but this is still the case. it seems workable though. not as laggy as sometimes in the beta and probably on an old computer rather noticeable.

I used to use Bootcamp to go to Windows for Rhino on my MacBook Pro, but this proved very annoying to me as invariably I would need to attend to something on the Mac side. Finally bought a license for Mac Rhino and now just use this on the laptop when traveling but still prefer to use the Windows version on my Dell workstation when back to the office. Windows version also has proven much more stable with Grasshopper.

this is probably not very surprising since grasshopper for mac only got introduced in the beginning of this year.

I have used Rhino on Mac for a while and was very happy with the interface. To be able to use some plugins and Grasshopper, I was “forced” to get Rhino for Windows. I have installed Win10 on Bootcamp, installed all software needed and then installed Parallels on OSX. Finally I created a Parallels VM based on the existing bootcamp installation. This works fine and it is easy to switch between Mac and Windows programs. There are some programs I had problems installing them in parallels directly, for some unknown reasons they crashed. Installing them “native” in bootcamp works and the programs then also work under Parallels using the bootcamp partition.

I like the Mac interface of Rhino better than the Win interface

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