How well is Octane integrated?

I find very little information about how well Octane is integrated in Rhino. I’ve downloaded the demo, just started playing with it, until now it seems to motivate me to work with the standalone. I would prefer working in rhino, are there any limitations when doing so? Can’t seem to find how to create textures within rhino. Also How do you create lights and hdri environments. Thanks!

Limitations? 99% of what you can do in Octane Standalone you can do in the OctaneRender for Rhino plugin. The main difference is the material editing in Octane Standalone is via nodes - and that will be coming to the Rhino plugin shortly.

Creating textures is done by changing the node type of a texture pin -

Creating light is done by selecting a Rhino Rectangle Light and clicking the Create Emitter button on the Geometry tab of the plugin. Or you can assign a Diffuse material with an Emission node to any Rhino geometry to make it an emitter. and


I must add here that Paul’s implementation of Octane for Rhino is superb. I was a very early adopter and went throught the whole process and can say that I can do exactly what I want for rendering in Rhino via the Octane plug-in and haven’t even opened the StandAlone version since I got Octane for Rhino. I’m sure it will only get better.

I've posted comparisons here between Keyshot and Octane and many other Octane renders but have gotten little response. A lot of bandwidth here on V-Ray and others but Octane is so well integrated with Rhino I'm surprised that there has not been more traction here. If you don't believe me, I'll start posting my renders!

Thanks, Paul. It has been a good ride and I for one appreciate your efforts. You make me look good.


Thanks for the kind words.

Same here. Fully converted to Octane. Only use the Rhino plugin, don’t use the standalone.

Only short-coming is with multiple overlapping objects that are transparent being rendered black - but that may well be my fault. Otherwise very intuitive and quick!

is this new news Paul?

Any idea of timing; 3.0 feature? or 3.1 feature?

Should be in the Octane 3.0 cycle (so in the next month or so). I prioritize enhancement by the number of people who request each enhancement - and this seems to be a popular one!


We use octane 4 Rhino for nearly all projects not involving animation
-> 100% rock solid , great support!

Hi Paul, I was a bit hasty, tons of C4D tutorials, very little Rhino, was first a little jungle but figured most out and loving it big time!! Thanks for the help.