Is Morphologis here?

I saw an amazing video on YouTube, an Architect reviews Star Trek’s new Enterprise.

  1. The maker of the video is an architect
  2. He uses Rhino

so it’s possible that he is on this discourse. A search for Morphologis didn’t find a match but maybe he is here under a different name.

It discusses the, architectural, and general design influence on the original, 1960s Enterprise and the newer, Strange New Worlds, Enterprise.

He mentions: Eero Saarinen, neo futurism, the tulip chairs :slight_smile:

And he modelled some of the sets in Rhino.

I hope I’m not stealing his thunder but go watch if you like Scott Schneider’s film set posts or Star Trek.

Morphologis, if you are here: Hi. I loved your video. And the Hogwarts one. I have stuff to do this weekend but I intend to binge the Star Citizen videos when I have some free time.

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The team on SNW did a fantastic job expanding on what John Eaves and I started in season 1 and 2 of Discovery. Although we did do some variation of the interiors for Discovery episodes it should be noted that Johnathan Lee and his team did a full design from the ground up for SNW since we were forced to use re-purposed sets on Discovery for the Enterprise. The bridge however is the one Tamara Deveral oversaw but with some notable updates. The SNW team did a fantastic job re-imagining the interiors and all credit should be given to Johnathan and his team .


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