Is it possible to Offset mesh with different distances in Rhino?

Hello everyone, i’m kind of new in Rhino!
Right now i’m modeling a complex figure, a flower petal.
I started everything using the Heightfield command to create the texture of the petal (based on a photo i had) it went well but the heightfield threw me a mesh with the texture. So everything got diffiult because of the limited options for Mesh in Rhino.

So, to add depth to my mesh I use the OffsetMesh command and it worked, but I want my petal to have a double depth to give it a more naural look.
I want to make the base of the petal thicker than the tips. But I don’t know how to do it.
I tried editing the Control Points but there are too many! And it’s so difficult to find the right ones without making a chaos.

Does annyone know if it’s possible to make a double thickness solid with this mesh?

I will upload the model to see if anyone has a clue.
PeonyPetal.3dm (928.5 KB)


Haven’t opened the model but depending on the shape you could thin out using taper or cage edit

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Thanks, it seems to be working! I’m gonna keep trying with this tool.