Challenge thickening mesh leaf

I am new to this forum and in need of some help.

I am trying to take a mesh leaf .04mm thick and make it .4mm thick.
Problem is that when I check the mesh this pops up
"Mesh has 36 pairs of faces that intersect each other. Although this does not
necessarily mean that the mesh is bad, it can cause problems if you’re doing mesh Boolean operations with it." So when I try to offset the mesh I get one area that is heavily sunken and not smooth.
Secondly I don’t want a rounded edge, I would like to offset the top and bottom but not the edge.

One option I have come up with is to array 19 overlapping leaves to create the thickness I need but this is only one leaf of several and the CPU or GPU is becoming very sluggish.

Your help and insight would be very much appreciated!! :smile:


Something that maybe would work for you instead of using offset… It won’t give you an exact thickness of 0.4mm everywhere as it’s basically an extrusion and not an offset, but it might be OK if the leaf surface is relatively flat…

  1. Use _DupBorder to get the outer border of the mesh
  2. Copy the mesh plus the border up or down 0,4 mm
  3. _Loft between the two border curves (they are polylines)
  4. _Mesh the polysurface that results from Loft, delete the polysurface
  5. Join the 3 meshes