Subd and Nurbs

Sorry for the ignorance, but I would like to know if it is possible in future updates to merge the functionality of the commands of rhino nurbs with those of the sub. Example: Draw free-form nurbs lines and from those nurbs lines create a subsurface and freely modify it, and you can also use rhino nurbs commands like bolian differentiation, project surface curves, trim, etc. on subdivided surfaces. Because I don’t know if it’s possible to make simple shapes like arcs with just subd and I thought if you mixed the two rhino modeling modes, nurbs and subd, it could be a good one, does it make sense?

Editing SubD is closer to editing meshes. From that point of view it does not make sense to mix the commands of SubD and Nurbs. The only time I would use Nurbs commands on a SubD is towards the end after you convert a SubD ToNurbs. There are SubD boolean tools but those can also mess with topology… It is possible to go back and forth between booled SubD / Nurbs by using QuadRemesh but once again you’ll have to deal with topology, if that’s important to you. If you’re happy with sometimes wonky and asymmetric topology, no worries…

Hello- the two are not very compatible types of data. SubD cannot represent an arc for example, with any exactness, but Nurbs can. SubDs cannot accurately meet or represent the shape of an arbitrary Nurbs curve or surface - you can see the difference by say making an arc and then MakeSubDFriendly.

SubD cannot currently be trimmed in the way that surfaces can, etc, and I do not know if that is possible even in theory.


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Ok, got it, thanks for the answers!