Is it possible to link parts between files?

I was wondering whether or not it was possible to link parts between files. I’m interested in this because it would be nice to have a master file in which all individual parts of a design are put together, but I would like to work on most of the individual parts in its own files. Is there a way to work on an individual file, and have it updated in the master file? Or will I have to import the sub parts into the master file every time I make a change to them?

Hi Luc,

Are you familiar with blocks and in particular Linked Blocks? That is a way to have a block definition inside a file, and that block is defined by an external file. If you edit the external file, the linked block definition in your file can be updated.

Another route would be to have a worksession, where multiple files are merged into a worksession file.
This is different from linked blocks that with blocks you can have multiple instances of a block in a single file and they can be transformed, whereas with worksession you basically combine files in place.

Does that make sense?


Interesting! I’ll look into it.