Working with Assets and Blocks

I am curious to how people work with assets and blocks in a studio environment.

We are trying to implement a tighter CAD methodic, and part of this, is a strategy of asset management in our CAD environment - in our case Rhino.

Preferably one person who are designing the furniture will do this in one file as an asset, and the person doing the audio visual installations will do this in another file/asset. All assets wil be gathered in a main file - from where all plots are made. Not working on the same file - no one will overwrite changes the other person made.

But the two designs of course relate to eachother so both should be present in the working environtment. In SolidWorks, you can edit parts in the assembly, either in-context or by opening the part. But in Rhino, a linked file cannot be edited in-place. I find this incredibly limiting in trying to achieve this “tight” and safe working methodic.

Does anyone have tricks/advice of how to achieve this in a good way with Rhino? Following the Serengeti thread, it doesn’t really seem that in-place editing of linked blocks are going to be implemented?


Hi Morten - it seems like maybe Worksession might be of interest - see Help on that.


Hi Pascal.
I actually didn’t know about Worksessions! This helps a lot :smiley:

Would still love to be able to edit a linked block “in-place” in the future :wink:


Another question in regards to working with assets:

What is the suggested workflow for 2D drawings based on 3D design in regards to what goes where? Seperate files for 2D and 3D or keeping 2D with layouts in the same file as 3D design? The last option could problematic if you want a clear way of tracking revisions? Preferably, I would be able to make detailed 2D design, and edit the referenced 3d block in place, if there would be relevant updates for ie rendering based on new detalied design.

I feel a lot of the back and fourth issues of editing things in relation to each other without a lot of filehandling hassle could be solved with a true edit referenced block in place function?