A couple of Worksession Queries

Hi all, just started using worksessions and while the functionality is quite basic, it does a good enough job. A couple of queries:

  1. Is there a way to simply change an existing attached file (for instance if a file has been updated with a different name), instead of just attaching a new one and having to detach the old one manually?

  2. When I update an attached file, all the layer properties that I have changed (e.g layer colours, visibility etc.) revert to those of the original file. Is there any way to keep the changes I have made? Layer states seem to work, but to have to keep changing layer states every time I update seems like a chore.

Could it be that I should be using a linked block in this case? Sometimes it’s difficult to tell when to use which.

Hi Ben - no to both questions …

A linked block would allow you to modify which file the block is pointing at but you still cannot make permanent changes to a linked file from the parent file.


Thanks Pascal - In this particular case, which would we used frequently, I don’t want to make any changes to the linked file. I just want to change layer colours and visibilities for reference purposes in the new file I am working in.

I have just tested this with a linked reference block - and it works ok, but throws up another major issue:

If I want to delete the block, there are a bunch of ‘referenced block definitions’ which remain and cannot be deleted. Additionally the layers these are on can’t be deleted, so I’m left with a very messy file that can’t be fixed even by purging etc.

Am I doing something wrong? It seems like both ways of referencing external files have major issues.

All I want do is be able to reference in another file and then be able to delete it with nothing left over - no blocks, layers or anything that came from the reference. Is this possible?

Having done a bit more digging, I see this has been reported multiple times by many people over the past few years with the phantom blocks/layers etc. and is also part of the bigger block management discussion…

Currently to make assemblies using several linked files in VisualArq we have to use linked and embedded blocks. If I want to delete or change a linked file at any stage, it’s crucial that we are able to do so without being left with a mess of blocks and layers which cannot be deleted!

I guess if you could just add my vote to whichever Youtrack issue was made to try to fix this I would appreciate it.