Is it possible to get output from GHGL component

Hi, is it possible to get output out of GLSL component? I understand it is just rendering to the pipeline, but curious anyway.

I am making a square mesh and then colouring it based on an image in Python. I am passing this coloured mesh on to ‘RemeshByColor’ from Kangaroo 2 later on. This method works but I have to continually go outside of Rhino/Kangaroo to create images.

Alternatively, I coloured the mesh using the ghgl component and want to use the result (hopefully) to feed into the RemeshByColor component after that. At the moment, I don’t know how to (and if it is possible in the first place) to get any data out of ghgl component that other Grasshopper components can operate on subsequently. If this works, I can remain purely in Grasshopper and just edit the glsl code to create my images. Thanks for any help.

(The image below shows the original image in the sampler component on the right and the coloured mesh that is created using ghgl on the left)

I could modify the component to give you a bitmap of the active view right after ghgl draws. Would that be useful?

I was planning to ask the same questions!)
More exactly, is it possible to create these own FBOs and take them out of the component …?