Running GLSL shaders in Grasshopper?

What would it take to make something like this a reality?

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There is an experimental plug-in for Grasshopper called ghgl that lets you write custom shaders. You can install it through the PackageManager.

@wynott is your question answered by @diff-arch, which mean you didn’t even try to search if this functionality even exist. Just use Shader and Grasshopper as keyword and you’ll find many example.

Or is there a sort of question in your image? Like is it possible to output values from shader and use them in Grasshopper? From what I understand Shader only “discuss” internally in the graphic card. Could be cool if it was possible to reuse directly some algorithm. In this link I rewrote something from shader.

I want to use the results of a compute shader further in GH.

Not interested in changing how the viewport looks.

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