Is it possible to generate a random text with Grasshopper?

Hi! I was wondering if Grasshopper could be used to work with text only.

I was thinking about something like that: (11.9 KB)

I think it would be cool to sort all words alphabetically first, and then arrange them randomly. Does someone have an idea how to do this?

well, why sort them in alphabetical order if then they are going to be arranged randomly? :slight_smile:

the Jitter component (Set → Sequence → Jitter) shuffles the elements of a List, I think that could be useful for this

Oh, I think you’re right hahah. Do you know how to bundle the text panels together to let them work with Jitter?

you can Merge them together, the following will just shuffle the entire sentences: (16.4 KB)

this shuffles single words taken from the whole text (12.7 KB)

if you remove the Flatten it will shuffle the words of each sentence individually (but because a single Seed is provided, all the sentences will be shuffled the same way {they have different word-length tho…} )

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I love it! :joy: Thank you