Multiple text replacement/edit in grasshopper

My experience with GH is still very limited. I have followed some tutorial on general object creation and creating complex geometry with only a few points. So much to learn. Below is what I am trying to accomplish.

The below screenshot show a part number. My particular project has part numbers like this throughout. In order to reduce machine time on CNC cut parts, I would like to be able to use GH to search an open Rhino session for all the text that starts with “106”, remove “106-P-” and keep the rest.

I think these components would be used (and more of course)

If someone knows a good tutorial to look at for this kind of thing, please let me know.

For example like this…

Since you already have the HUMAN plugin, this might be a pretty straight forward way.

NOTE: in this example, I moved the text over so you could see the change. It also places the “new text” on a new layer, so instead of “updating”, it’s really leaving the old text in place and creating new in the same location, (put the L output of the txtObjInfo into the L input of the TXT creation ).

By Default, the Dynamic Geometry Pipeline component might be set to “Listen for attribute changes”, meaning, it is always “looking” for text objects. If you put a data dam component in front of it, it will prevent some unwanted behavior. (15.7 KB)


Yeah that’s perfect. I haven’t used much of Lists, Trees, and data sets yet in GH yet. Have to retrain my brain to work with computational & parametric methods rather than time consuming direct modeling.

Thank you Jakinta

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Thank you. This is great too. I have Human installed and was thinking that would be a good set of components to work with. Goes to show that there are many ways to accomplish the same thing in GH.

Thank you Chris