Help, create random pattern from various inputs

I am not sure where to look, but here is what I am trying to achieve.

I want to ask some questions, like “What is your favourite colour”, month you were born, etc… and depending on their answers I would create a random pattern.

Not sure where to look and if this is something Grasshopper can do.

This is just for an internal work thing where I can create random patterns to be laser cut or engraved.

Any ideas would be really helpful, thanks.


If it’s just simple randomness, then I recommend hashing the answers and using the hash values as random seeds. There’s nothing in GH proper which can return hash codes for strings, but it would be a pretty trivial C# one-liner.

If you have multiple answers, you can also generate multiple random engines, each perhaps in control of one aspect of your pattern.

Thanks, I figured some sort of programming would be needed.

I am just starting to make a list of various patterns I can create in Grashopper and then work backwards to the questions.

I am also going through a Generative Algorithms PDF I just found online.


As per: That’s Easy!.gh (21.9 KB)

OK, Sir David of Rutten … Way cool and it works on Mac also!

Thanks so very much.

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