Is it possible to create a grasshopper category for a addon im releasing


Im worried this is one of those ‘duh’ questions, and that i just missed something that is in plain site… but is it possible to create a sub category in the ‘grasshopper category’ for a grasshopper addon i am releasing? (the only post i saw was from 2013 where some one said that Brian creates categories… but i couldnt find anything more recent than that). i saw that there are some sub categories within the grasshopper category (human, kangaroo, emu, etc…) and so im hoping that this is a possibility.

I would essentially like to create a subcategory for the new addon to for users of the addon to easily communicate, ask, and find answers to queries that are only about the addon.

any help would be much appreciated! (i am releasing in 2 days and so would very much like to include the forum’s link in the primer and all associated documentation!).

thanks in advance,

Only admins can create categories, so if your plug-in turns out to be very successful and requiring a lot of discussion we may choose to separate it from the main category.

Thanks David… makes sense!

What can i advise users of the plugin when posting in the grasshopper category to make sure i am notified (or atleast can easily track) the posts about the plugin for a quicker response?

in short, we want to make sure that whenever a user of our plugin posts a question (or faces an issue) we can get back to them quickly, and avoid their post going unnoticed. this is especially important in the first months of the plugin’s release.

thanks again!

Users can comment on the plugin in Food4Rhino and they can send you email directly from there. You will get notified from both.

that is true, (we will still accept questions there), but i wanted to direct users to the mcneel forum and establish the larger share of discussions here.

Personally I use the old forum for my plugin (you can still use groups there and link that to food4rhino as well)

Oh yes, we actually have set up a group there… but we are facing a few issues with the scripts being loaded on the forum’s website (we are linking the forum page within our pluin’s UI and when we do that, the old forum is giving us several errors because of these scripts… so far we only faced these issues with the old forum… so i thought it may be time to move to the new one. i dont know whats exactly happening with the old forum, but the general upkeep doesnt seem to be as it was).

I see, I haven’t had that issue. What group is it?

Our group is Wallacei… but i think we found the problem… its a technical issue with our code … we were able to fix it (it seems our UI was using an older version of internet explorer, which was having trouble viewing some of the page elements on the grasshopper forum website).

thanks for your help michael! im still interested however in finding a way to track posts about our plugin here on the mcneel forums… any insight would be much appreciated.

I would suggest that you start by posting the announcement in the Grasshopper category. From past experience, it is most likely that subsequent discussions will evolve within that new thread. Apart from that, users are pretty good at @-mentioning people, so you would get a notification when that happens.

As David said, if we see that your plug-in generates a lot of traffic, we will, probably choose to add a sub-category.

Hi Wim,

announcement made! thank you for the tip!