Forum "upgrade"(?) is broken

Looks like there has been an “upgrade” to the forum software? Among other effects, the menu link to the Grasshopper category has been removed. :frowning: THIS IS NOT AN IMPROVEMENT! :man_facepalming: :question:


P.S. The second ‘Grasshopper’ link above goes to the old forum.

Add a new topic to this category related to Grasshopper.

There is a work-around to get back to the Grasshopper category. The word “Grasshopper” just below the title is a link that goes there: (highlighted in yellow)

When scrolled:

The tooltip (“Add a new topic to this category related to Grasshopper.”) is not correct but it works for me,

It’s too easy to get lost and not be able to find your way back to the GH forum. The “Grasshopper” link shown above (found here on the “Categories” page) goes here:

This is wrong, it’s the old site, not the current one. :exclamation:

I don’t think it’s broken, but it could be made clearer as the text surrounding the link is misleading.

If you click on someone’s profile (like your own or mine, for example), can you find your way to the current Grasshopper category without using the back button?

Oh look, if you scroll way down to the “Top Categories” area, you find a ‘Grasshopper’ link that does the job. It’s definitely broken as that link was available everywhere before the recent change.


P.S. That works only on the ‘Summary’ page. On all the other tabs you are lost.

Yes, I can get to Grasshopper other than back button or scrolling down. So can you.

If you want a quick shortcut to specific categories, add them to your Sidebar:

Then access your shortcuts by clicking on the hamburger menu icon next to your profile icon

That may well work but wasn’t necessary before the change. Poor UIX.

Grasshopper has a crappy uix too, but you use it everyday. It’s a tool man… Just use it.

I’ll take that as an admission that the forum change is a “crappy uix” - without conceding that GH itself has a crappy UIX. That is only a diversion from the subject at hand.

Whatever man… I too was confused when the system changed. I didn’t get angry about it, I just adapted. And I’m pretty sure a bunch of other people have as well. I just came to play in your little room here because you looked like you needed a friend.