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I seriously wonder about the QA process at McNeel that rushed R6 to official release with so many usability issues?

Here’s what I’m seeing - it starts well enough:

I click install and get the Yak dialog window, then try to take a screen snapshot of it (to paste to GIMP) and the next thing that happens is I’m unable to return to the Yak dialog, no matter what I do! Alt-Tab and all other tricks I know fail to return focus to the Yak dialog so I can click “Close”.

This second screen shot was accomplished by hovering the mouse over the Rhino/Yak mini-previews in the Windows 10 task bar, which don’t appear in the image:

Finally, I clicked the “X” to close the taskbar mini-preview for the Yak dialog (which works) but the first dialog remains with “Install” and “Close” options. I click “Close”, your GH file opens, but clearly missing most of its code, indicating no plugin installed?

The focus issue might be related to a very old R5 annoyance that hasn’t changed in R6. If there are Rhino dialogs placed over the GH canvas, they don’t disappear when you click the GH canvas!? Grrr… One must click the GH window title bar to make them hide in the background.

P.S. I closed the file and re-opened it, skipping the screen shots this time and clicking “Close” in the Yak dialog. It closes but the missing plugins dialog remains. I click its “Close” button and get the same results as before!? No code, no plugin.

Is putting out code like this a tradition at McNeel? I love a lot of what I see in R6 but wow, I’m seeing stuff like this at every turn. It’s asking a lot for paying customers to be diverted with QA distractions like this.

You need to restart Rhino after installing for the first time. I don’t remember if there is a message to tell that, something for @will to check.

You’ll be extra happy to know that GhShaderNodes plug-in is still very, very, very rough. Missing icons, no cluster support, no stable multiple inputs, only GH_NumberSlider and GH_ColourPicker as non-GhShaderNodes components supported as inputs, and so on and so forth. It is more-or-less a pre-release stage experimental plug-in. But usable already for those who know what to do with it.

How is anyone supposed to know that? Maybe a message to that effect in the Yak dialog?

So I closed Rhino and re-opened your GH file. I see code this time, no missing plugin dialog, but no geometry visible? I am distinctly unimpressed. I’m an old geek programmer myself but I never forgot who I was writing code for and would be embarrassed to publish an app with so many obvious usability problems. You guys need some fresh air!

P.S. How do I remove this useless plugin? I knew how to do that in R5 but don’t see your plugin anywhere? Please understand that this is a trust/credibility issue…

The plug-in doesn’t create any geometry at all. It creates a shadergraph to be plugged into the Cycles XML material. The plug-in allows you to create complex materials using the GH paradigm. This particular plug-in will in all likelihood never generate any geometry data. It does how-ever create XML and C# code from the graph attached to an output node. The code is open for scrutiny,btw.

In %APPDATA%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0 you’ll find a new packages folder.

FYI, moved to new topic to keep old clean :slight_smile:

There’s more to it than that. This is the correct path:


But by default, hidden files and folders like AppData are not shown in the File Manager (“Explorer”). To see it, you have to do this (found here):

  • Navigate to C:\Users\username
  • Click the ‘View’ tab in File Manager
  • Expand the Option button, by clicking on the black small triangle below the button.
  • Select Change Folder and Search Options.
  • On the Folder Options dialog box select the View Tab.
  • Change the radio button on “Hidden files and folders” from “Don’t show…” to “Show…”

Now it’s possible to drill down to the ‘AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0’ folder and delete the ‘shader_cache’ folder (which I did with Rhinoi closed). But guess what? After restarting Rhino, the plugin is still there! Maybe because I have an SSD and must reboot Windows to have any effect? Will try that next.

@nathanletwory, this plugin is probably wonderful and I may revisit it someday but it’s a terrible example to use for people who just want to get on with their day. I’ve squandered nearly two hours messing with this! :frowning:

Or to hide a user’s frustration with migrating to R6?

I can’t purge this plugin. Every time I open your GH file, the deleted ‘shader_cache’ folder reappears, the code works, the plugin is visible on the GH Component Tabs. Incredible… really very inconsiderate.

P.S. The deleted ‘shader_cache’ folder reappears every time I restart Rhino, whether I open your file or not.

Did you remove the GhShaderNodes package folder from the location I mentioned?

No, to keep the original on topic. This new thread is out in the open for everyone to participate in, including voicing frustration, a valid and acceptable reaction to the current state of Yak-affairs.

I meant to illustrate the potential of the package manager, I am sorry I wasted your time.

No, because it’s not there:

Not as sorry as I am. And it ain’t over yet. This is pathetic.

I typoed, you need to go up one directory to see the packages folder.

So this is the folder that needs to be deleted?


Did so but the deleted ‘shader_cache’ folder still reappears when I restart Rhino… Was about to try rebooting Windows when, after a few delete/restarts, it stopped happening.

How many more people will suffer hours of frustration over this before a “Uninstall Plugin” option is offered? This kind of tacky usability is costing McNeel trust and goodwill.

This folder has nothing to do with GhShaderNodes. shader_cache contains the compiled OpenGL shaders used to draw your Rhino viewports.

It was the only folder in the original location you mentioned that resembled the plugin name. Three hours!!! :frowning:

It happens. I typed on my phone around dinner time. I tried to help, and failed. My bad.

Maybe I should’ve just waited with replying until our next business day in Finland, 11 hours from now?

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Try copy/paste next time. It wasn’t just a fail, it was misdirection that consumed hours of my time. I would have preferred to wait 11 hours for the correct answer. This is only one of too many similar issues I’ve seen in R6 in just my first few days of using it. My impression is that McNeel doesn’t have a QA team at all, just a bunch of programmers tossing their work into the soup.

Please calm down.

We all know that @nathanletwory is evil. He probably did this on purpose, just to wreck you nerves. :wink:

// Rolf

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Probably not…

I would expect a Yak demo file (not the plugin) to produce visible geometry that uses a plugin. Your demo file didn’t do that. It wasn’t clear at a glance what it was for and whether or not it really succeeded.

@RIL, your attempt at humor is lost on me. There’s nothing funny about this.

Of course not. I can think of only one individual that would think so, which is not even accepting an apology. Woa.

That same individual thinks that everything that happens around here, mishap or not, is targeting him explicitly. Really strange.

Keep up the good work!

// Rolf