Latest Ironpython version on Rhino 7

What is the ironpython version supported by the latest release of Rhino 7?
This information can be obtained by running the following code in Tools->PythonScript->Edit

import sys
print (sys.version)

Is it maybe 2.7.12 or an earlier version?

I would be grateful if someone could test the upper code on Rhino7. Thank you in advance.

import Rhino
import sys
print ("Rhino {0}".format(Rhino.RhinoApp.ExeVersion))
print (sys.version)


Rhino 7
2.7.12 (
[.NETFramework,Version=v4.5 on .NET Framework 4.8.4470.0 (64-bit)]

– Dale

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Thank you very much @dale !
I didn’t know you ship Rhino 7 with the latest version of IronPython. These are fantastic news!