iRhino WIP - AR Clipping

It perhaps not Lidar related…? I have a wish that those of us who make jewellery in Rhino could [in my view] benefit from.

If in the AR mode it would be possible to [focus the camera on the customer’s hand,] overlay the ring that we designed so it looks like the lady actually has it on her finger…! it would be such a good tool to work with customers, if they could try it on before we make it in the physical world.
At the moment the camera clips the model …

thanks a lot

Try disabling people detection in settings

Thank you
Once I switched that one off, the model disappeared and only the camera is visible in AR, switching it on again didn’t regain the previous [cliping] behavior as the model remain hidden.
[it still works great in non AR modes.]


We might not be doing the best job of resetting everything. Turn it off and then try closing/reopening a model

Thank you

After that first switching off the People Occlusion setting, the model remain invisible in AR regardless of the setting,
[using on iPhone 11] I did try re-downloading the model, switching off the app, and reopening it not directly but via TestFlight…
[and again everything else in iRhino that I checked works great]

thanks a lot

@Akash can you describe a bit more what this means? I think I misunderstood this comment and made an assumption.

Trouble is that since around the time of that report, I’m not having much luck with the AR mode. I was trying to get some screen shots without success.
it seems to work for a short time, and then the model disappear and only the camera is active. It seems that closing the model and reopening some time helps [for a short while] but it is intermittent [like now I can no longer see the model in AR, ]

What I did managed to glimpse is that there was no connection [that is understood] between the size of the model [a ring in my case] and the size of the finger … by the time the finger got behind the ring, it was very small in the camera. I would think that a calibration tools will be very useful to have.

I also see now that the Rendered AR mode has been removed…? I hope this I just temporarily, as it is much more useful then the shaded AR [IMO]

Thanks for this great app.