Augmented Reality quality

i just downloaded the I rhino 3d app on my phone. the two examples look great with reflections and shadows of the radio and the espresso machine. but when i save a model then open it up in the app on my phone it looks pretty bad. any suggestions how i can make my models look better? here is what i am talking about. here is a side by side

It looks like a bug in iRhino. Would you be able to send us the model that looks bad? We can try to repeat this and fix the issue.

test 3.3dm (7.9 MB)

There are many missing textures in that 3dm file. Did you have “save textures” checked when you saved that file?

i just did a save as and saved it as a 3dm. do you have a link to a tutorial on saving the textures?

never noticed that check box. here it is with the save textures checked but still the same issue
test 6.3dm (13.6 MB)

The file you shared is still missing some of the textures. For example the environment map for the “Yellow Gold …” material is causing the ring to render black even when I open it in Rhino.

what is the solution?

im setting the rendering in the matrix 9 plugin which i believe is vray

We’re taking a look at this and will try to get back to you.

As far as I can work out, this is all caused by missing textures - and that in turn appears to be caused, possibly, by VRay. It looks like it might be storing textures in a temporary location and then deleting them…I’m not sure.

But just for kicks, can you please send us the images at these locations:

K:\MHG 1\backup 10-9-10\1 All cad folder 201 gig\consultation cad drawings\1 Heartwear\3 row halo ring\IMG_4710.JPG

weird the only one i could find was this one. the other paths don’t exist

this is the vray one