Ionic capital-pulvino

Hi, I am trying to represent the famous ionic capital of the greek order. I have some problems with a surface behind the spiral. I found a pdf which suggests to use a sweep 2 rails command, but the result is not the right one since the surface which is created is too “curved”.

Attached a pdf that explain it better (in red my result).
Thank you for your helpcapitello ionico per forum.pdf (1.1 MB)

Hi Brunno- can you post the curves and the surface you get from them?


Hi Pascal, thank you for your reply. Yes, attached there is the file (in red curves and result of sweep 2).

I remember that it is suggested to transform the result of the sweep 2 operation with a isoparametric surface sorting some control points in order to reduce the curvature of the surface, but I don’ t understand how…
Ionic capital.3dm (474.3 KB)

Hi Brunno - I’m not sure I am getting at what you need here, but take a look at the file attached - does that make sense with what you are looking for?

Ionic capitalSrf_PG.3dm (60.0 KB)


Hi, yes this is what I was looking for, but still looking it from the frontal camera I can see the generated surface behind the spiral. The spiral should cover from the view the surface behind it.

I read the paper and it says a way can be extracting the isocurves and modifying their curvature and then using loft command.(pic of pag 12 from the pdf I shared) (I can’t modify the isocurves correctly).

Hi Brunno - If I understand then, the second, inside, curve is in the wrong place?

Ionic capital_PG2.3dm (95.6 KB)


Hi Pascal, yes exactly, the final step is to modify the isocurve throw control points and rebuild the surface with sweep 2 rails command, including the modified curve.

In particular, as you did, I had to draw the final section curve when using sweep 2 rails command. In this way the surface resulting is less curved and look like more similar to the one I was looking for.

(In the ionic order the section curves have a specific proportion, and they shoukld be used to create a correct representation).
These my results

Hi all,

I am aware that this conversation is 5 years old but this is the closest thing I have seen to a proportional looking ionic capital on the forums. I can’t seem to download any of the files and would like to understand how the thickness of the spirals are achieved as well as the bowl-like depth in the recesses of the capital.

Thank you all and apologies for the inconvenience.