Involute solid for clash analysis

HI ,

I am designing several mechanisms with several parts moving relatively one another.

I am driven by need to create the involute solid generated by the given solid part ( for example a head screw ) while this is movin along its trajecotry .

the most common scenarios are :

  1. a solid part rotating around axle
  2. a solid part moving along a given path ( curve) .

My goal is to create the solid to be boolean subtracted to the sorrounding parts thus to create the room for the parts moving within respect to others and avoid collisions.

Point is that i need to generate this solid by "extruding " or "sweeping " something which is already a solid and the GH component “ExtrCrv” or “Swp1” , “RevSrf” do not accept a closed Brep as an input.

Does anyone know how to generate involute volume of a solid moving along a given path

many thanks


Sweeping a solid is complicated.

In the same thread as mentioned above, this effort looked promising at first:

HI Joseph and thanks a lot for your answer, yes its exactly the same issue .

i’ll jump to the other thread.