How to show the path of a moving body?

How to show the path of the moving body as shown in the image by using Rhino and/or Grasshopper and/or other plugins (such as Bongo, Kangaroo)?

1.3dm (74.4 KB)

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This thread was on that subject, though I don’t think we found a definitive solution at the time:

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another attempt of that sort

i guess many instances of the movement and using this new tool to solidify the geometry could work


If the body has rotational symmetry, it should not be very difficult, no?

1.3dm (159.2 KB)

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looking at your example once more, i assume its for some logic part of an exam? what do you actually want to show? if its just the path itself the doublecone takes rolling off of the surface you might as well draw 2 circles from the focal point of the object.

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The body may be any shape.

  1. First I want to know how it lies down on the plane, that’s why I think it may need Kangaroo.
  2. Use GH or other plugin such as Bongo to move the body and show the path when it moves.

in case of other more complex or less predictable behaviours you would need some dynamics yes, kangaroo will help, tracing the path might be feasible either, there are examples of both in the forum if i am not mistaken, i personally use less involving software for this matters like c4d, less involving because its quicker to set up, but the limit is not the sky in that case at least not without being similar involved as grasshopper.

maybe @DanielPiker has an example where both dynamics and path tracing are combined.

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