Inverting motion of rotated objects

Hello there, im very new to grasshopper. I have a box with 8 spheres on the corners. I created these by rotating a prototype sphere around an axis with an angle of 180 degrees.
I have a slider to move every object in z-direction.
I want all the spheres to move in the same z-direction. But because I rotated them, they are moving opposite to another.
My question is, can I invert the movement of some of the spheres so they are all moving in the same direction when I use the slider.

2. Video - (44.1 KB)


the reason why it is not working the way you are expecting is because when you move up or down the original sphere, you are not applying that movement to the axis that you are using to rotate the sphere, and therefore you get that behavior.

To solve it, why don’t you try with something more simple like using an Array component?

2. Video - (46.0 KB)

This is a massively complex bit of code, considering the result - which is difficult to see unless you use the “Only draw preview geometry for selected objects” feature:


Are you aware of this?

Which does not give you what I presume you want? This is more like it, eh? The result of flattening the input to Solid Union?

As for the eight spheres, instead of complex rotations you can use the eight vertices of the box and create them all at once. The yellow group is the old way: (41.6 KB)

Thanks for the answer!
That would help me with the movement in the z-direction yes. But now the other movements in the u- and v-direction are not working anymore.

Thanks for the answer!
Yes, it`s pretty complex :sweat_smile: , sorry for that, first time using Grasshopper.
This solution would help me with the unification of the spheres. I probably explained myself wrong in the first message.
I want to have 4 spheres on the “top” and 4 at the “bottom”. The movement in u- and v-direction and the number slider for the radius are working like I want them.
The only thing I would also want to have, is that the 4 spheres at the top for example are moving in the same z-direction when i use the number slider “Bewegung Tiefe”.
Best regards

I gave you that without any rotations. Why do it the hard way?