Rotate & Scale Objects in a Container Individually on own Axis

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I am new to Grasshopper and had a question regarding how would I go about seperating the group of points which are all contained in one points container?

The reason for this question is I intend to mix and match these points with spheres and cubes of varying sizes. What would be the best way to go about randomly mixing and matching spheres and cubes at various sizes?

Additionally, I would like to have these cubes rotating in both the XY direction as they are doing so right now, but I would also like to have them rotating in the Z direction. Could they be rotating on this own axises?

I have attached the Grasshopper script for your reference and the Rhino file if required.

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This is a data structure problem and of you haven’t already you might want to go through this: Grasshopper Primer — Mode Lab

Hi, thanks for your prompt response.

I have grafted the points and all the points are on their individual branches but I am unsure how to further seperate these.

I will have a look through the documentation you have provided and get back to you.


I don’t fully understand what are you going to do, anyway have a look at this.

Rotate Individually and Introduce (15.3 KB)


Thank you for this.

This is what I am after. Would you know how to replace some of these cubes with spheres so there is a mix of both cubes and spheres? I tried using the series component but hadn’t had much if any luck

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

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Rotate Individually and Introduce (16.1 KB)

This is perfect! Thank you