Move along object axis


I need to move&rotate an object along its axis (x,y,z) but I can’t figure out how to set the move parameter on the object’s plane.

This is my setup so far:


Do you want a single slider that controls motion and rotation simultaneously, or are you happy with different sliders for each?

I need to control rotation and motion independently.

Okay, independent sliders: rotate or (10.8 KB)

Single motion: rotate and (11.9 KB)

Thanks David!

Is it possible to have the three movement sliders (x,y,z) instead of one?
For example, move the object along the x, then along the y …

The idea is to try out different values for x,y,z and to see where the object is placed in space.
I also need to rotate it along the x,y,z axis.

Is there an option in grasshopper to orient the cplane to the object plane and then apply movement and rotation?

like this? (14.9 KB)

Your script rotates the plane.
How do I make the object to transform along the new plane?


I think this is what you want. I used to search for something similar myself.
one tip though: sometimes it’s better if you adapt to the machine’s language than trying to make the machine adapt to yours.
(e.g. yes, it rotates the plane, but the end result is the same. Also you will find that rotating on all three axes, some of the rotations will cancel each other out -by rotating 90 deg. on each axis, you end up in the same position-) (16.5 KB)

This is what I have so far based on David’s script.

I can’t figure out how to build in the rotation along the three axis.


  1. Move the object along x, then rotate along one of its axis
  2. Move object along y, maintain previous rotation.
  3. Rotate object again … and so on

Just saw this after posting my reply…I’ll check it out.


a somewhat less chaotic version… (15.4 KB)

I am working on moment of auxetic structures, For which I want to move and rotate objects at the same time but avoiding their intersection at any corners. Your move and rotate with single slider script has helped me to achieve it 90%. But my object are still intersecting while rotating at the corners. If You could please help me solve this issue.
If anyone else in this conversation can help me it will be a great help.
Intersection while rotating_Auxetic.3dm (42.1 KB)
Intersection while (21.6 KB)