Inverted Arctic Mode


Is there a way to create an inverted “arctic mode” display mode? I’m trying to get the result below:

But I was only able to get this far by tweaking settings in Rhino, see below:

I want to get the white shadows that are created once you invert. I’m doing this so I can remove the need of using Photoshop. Any help is appreciated!

Also, here’s the the display file if anyone wants to tackle it.
Inverse Arctic.ini (11.5 KB)

I got this, maybe you like it:
Arctic 2.ini (11.5 KB)

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Thanks!!! This is great! I see all I had to change was the shadow color, I somehow missed that when looking at the settings!

Just out of curiosity, why do you need it inverted?

I’m interested in exploring different types of visual communication techniques for drawings.