Invalid mesh help!

Hi, (8.3 KB) really need your help!

I want to send this file to printing … by sla
but the mesh is invalid :((
do you have any idea??

Moved to Grasshopper

Provide the curves. It is useled like that.

You mean the rhino file ?3dbra_startsais2_120319.3dm (272.1 KB)

Check white group. (11.2 KB)

I don’t know which printer you use, but as you say SLA this means that you want to print a hollow shape with only one skin.
If you disjoin the mesh you will see 2 meshes (inside and outside).
You must make some holes for the resin.

@HS_Kim you are not in the (26.4 KB)

it was the wrong file… please try this one

I didn’t understent you… i upload now other file maybe you can have a look of them . (26.4 KB)

it is also hard for me to understand.

Is the mesh invalid in Rhino or at the printer level ?
If it is in Rhino, there are some “chances” that it is due to the Mesh Thicken component. For such jobs it seems better to rely on Dendro (it has the power of OpenVdB) or to rely on specific software to thicken the mesh. MeshMixer has some fonctionality.

If you want some help with Dendro
Make a GH file with only the mesh (internalize it with a Mesh component) you want to thicken/shell.
Then draw what you want. I understand a solid with 1 mm thick shell.
Do you have documentation on you 3d printer ?

how i internalize it with a Mesh component ?

Keep in Rhino if you want. Right click on a geometry component, you will see “internalize”.