Invalid Curve - explode and join repairs


I created ~250.000 curves which were joined to ~500 curves. Can someone tell me why I get an Invalid curve after the first join, and when I explode them and join again, it’s working? All curves are created the same way, so there shouldn’t be a problem with the script, because like 95% are correctly joined.

I mean I have no problem, I was just wondering what happened there and want to know why.

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It’s probably a bug, I’d like to have the curves that become invalid after a join so we can try and fix it.

Oh ok. yeah no problem.

Sorry, quite large file,

Got it, and I can repeat it. Thanks.

ps. not that it would in any way help you, but you can use the Null Item component to inspect invalid data. Maybe, sometimes it could give you a hint, but it’s mostly just useful for developers.

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Youtrack report logged under RH-43661.

Nice to know. Thanks.

@tim.stark see the comments by Chuck on the youtrack item:

This happens because the inputs, which are already polycurves, do not meet at their ends. There are overhangs that include entire tiny polycurve segments. See the second 3dm file. It should be easy to detect this situation and ignore the little segments. […] These curves probably should not have been created like this in the first place. It would be good to fix the creation code if possible. Can you isolate it?

Can you share with us how these curves were made?

Sorry never noticed your response. Yes there were segments created with 0 length in the script. Sorry for wasting time :see_no_evil: