Why is this Invalid Curve?


I have a problem with planar Rhino curve: when I assign it to a Curve parameter in Grasshopper, it is reported as: Invalid curve.
This is the curve:

This is what I get in Grasshopper:

If I rebuild it in Rhino or Grasshopper then everything is okay.
But can someone please explain to me why is this Rhino curve an Invalid curve?

Thank you very much !
Invalid Curve.3dm (37.6 KB)
Invalid Curve.gh (9.8 KB)

SelBadObjects reports the polycurve as a “bad object”. If you Explode it and then Join the pieces together into a polycurve the polycurve is no longer a bad object. So the problem appears to be with how the individual curve segments were originally joined into a polycurve. How was the polycurve created?

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Thank you David ! That nailed it!
The polycurve was created as an offset of a smaller curve. Then split into parts, and joined. So I wonder why after that first first _Join, it didn’t work?
But never mind, you solved the problem !
Thank you once again for your knowledge !