Intersection SurfaceSurface split the list C#

Hi. Can you please help me?.
I don’t understand how to split the list into two streams to make the script work. ??? (16.2 KB)

I would suggest the following approach (waaaaaay faster plus some other things): (115.3 KB)

As a challenge (for the brave):

  1. Implement a robust check for the sign of H … or maybe there’s some other way/Method around? (in fact there is).
  2. Do some connectivity Tree (a must for any solution).
  3. Check Curves (are coplanar? are valid? are bananas?).
  4. Add some proportional to Lengths (with respect the min Length for instance) option.
  5. What if we want to thicken things? (here connectivity is a must)

Thank you. But I don’t get it. :confounded:

Do you want this result? If yes, there are some repeated intersections in my example, you can handle the logic yourself. (10.3 KB)

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