Intersection Problem


(Ibrahim Mahmoud) #1

I’m trying to get the intersection of the surfaces from this file:

I always get “0 intersections” when I run the command. Is there anything I can do about this?

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Ibrahim - I cannot persuade this to work so far either - I’ll send it along to the developer for a look.

Thanks for the example. If I stumble on a solution, I’ll post back.



it intersects when you split the flat surface into 4 parts along the iso curves.
it seems the function from which you have derived the waves flips exactly to the negative along the isocurves
maybe thats why it didnt find anything at first, because the summ may equal to zero.

(Ibrahim Mahmoud) #4

Thank you Pascal, I will e eagerly waiting for a possibility of a solution.


(Ibrahim Mahmoud) #5

What do you mean by “split the flat surface into 4 parts along the iso curves”?

Why does splitting it cause an intersection to occur? For now, I need the plane to be joined together when I find the intersections.



splitting the plane into 4 will not give you any different result. how you split along isocurves you know how to do? use command split and choose isocurves with direction both and click in the center of your square plane and split -> voila 4 parts of the plane. then you select all including the untouched wavy surface and intersect, you get 139 curves. the middle ones may be double so just delete the extra overlaying ones you should have 133 curves remaining.

this is how it looks when its done.