Intersection not visible

I made 2 curves, and the way I build them, a pull of 2 lines - intersecting in the end - on a surface, they should be intersecting on the end. But when I zoom at those pulled lines, they are not intersecting, but when I do the intersect command I get this point on the blue line (which was supposed to be the connection point) I don’t know why I don’t see them intersecting each other and there is an intersection point…

Someone who had the same problem, or knows why? I am working on Rhino 5 on Mac. Thanks!

Hello - if you are zoomed in enough, and I mean a lot, it may be that the curve drawing will be misleading. The real test is to check the endpoints of the curves, if they are meant to be coincident, using ‘What’


Hi, the end of both curves have the same number. Can I be sure with 0,001 decimals that it is the same? (I am doing quiet a precise drawing to analyze methods of lengths in my drawing, that’s why i am asking)
@pascal I am zoomed in a lot like you said.

Hello - you can try the
testNumberFormat command to get more precision in What. You’ll need to type the entire command to run it, as it is a test command. I am not, off hand, 100% certain that it is in Rhino for Mac but I expect it is.


@pascal I tried it and when I put a number in the command, it’s says unknown, but clearly works. The lines have not exactly the same endpoint by 9 decimals after ‘,’. Does it mean the intersection point is not right then?

No, it does not. It, like many operations in Rhino is subject to a tolerance.


ok, thanks for the explanation :slight_smile: