The lines does not meet

Even though I use intersection and osnap, my lines do not meet, still. Pls send help. Thank you so much.

Please upload an example .3dm file. You can use the vertical arrow above where you type your post.

Which Osnaps do you have turned on?

Hi there, thanks for replying. Here is the file.assign2_partA_isometric.3dm (2.9 MB)

Which lines do not meet?

How did you create the lines?

It appears that you are creating a two dimensional drawing. Is that correct?

Thanks for replying. Yes it is a 2D drawing. The thickest orange lines on the outside do not meet, actually.

How did you determine the outside lines do not meet?

One of the outside lines is partially duplicated by a shorter line. Delete the shorter line and the other outside lines will Join. The ends meet within the absolute tolerance of 0.0001.

Because when I download the file as pdf, if I put the page to 100%, I can clearly see that it does not meet. Like in the photo I’ll show you.

The distance between the ends is less than 0.001. There will be apparent gaps if you zoom in enough due to the finite accuracy of digital calculations.That is the way digital graphics work.


Thanks for replying ^^