Intersection area

Intersection area between a horizontal plane, a transverse plane and the hull of a ship

Hi, guys,

I’m a beginner and I’m stuck on a project. I have the hull of a ship and I want to find the area of ​​a transverse plane that intersects with the hull to a certain water line. I tried many things but failed. I also want the horizontal panel (water line) to be variable on the z axis and the transverse plane on the x axis.

That’s what I’ve managed to do so far. (21.1 KB)
Untitled.3dm (869.7 KB)
Thank you all !! :pray: (256.5 KB)

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For some values the area is null but I’ll see what I can do about it. You helped me a lot. Thank you very much!! :innocent:

This way seems more reliable than the previous one…
hull (255.4 KB)


Yes indeed. It works perfectly. I really appreciate it. :sparkling_heart: