Intersection of multiple objects

Hello everyone, I am pretty new to grasshopper. What I am trying to do is, finding intersecting faces of multiple objects, and then mark it for production. Any help would be appreciated, I am attaching pictures to explain what I exactly want to do:

This is the model I’ve created, I was not sure how to do it in Grasshopper thus I modeled it in blender.

This is what I would like to get, so that I can get it ready for physical model.

Thanks in advance,

Hi M. Welcome!
If you have some minute, see here: How to ask effective questions

Can you upload something?
It’s difficult to approach a method with nothing to work on…

By “finding intersecting faces” you mean those white quadrilaterals, right?

The solution really depends on how is your geometry, how it was created and how is stored (list and/or datatree order).

Have those beams constant thickness?

From just some picture everything is (im)possible.