Intersect Issue


I hope someone could help. I’m trying to clean up some overlapping (but not duplicated) curves and came up with this approach:

  1. explode curves
  2. select and delete duplicates
  3. intersect curves (on new layer); delete points
  4. split curves with the intersected ones from no 3 above
  5. delete intersected curves from no 3 above
  6. select and delete duplicates
  7. join curves

When I test to see how well this works by intersecting the curves again I still get some lines. Please see the video understand more. It’s a very small sample. Why is this happening and how do I fix it? Or better yet, is there another approach I should take?


It’s a bit more complicated to do this than you think, I might do the following:

  1. explode curves
  2. select and delete duplicates
  3. intersect all curves do not delete points
  4. if there are curves in the intersection result (overlaps), get their start and end points, delete the curves
  5. split curves with the points from no 3 and 4 above
  6. run SimplifyCrv on everything
  7. select and delete duplicates
  8. join curves (will join everything joinable more or less haphazardly)

I also made a script awhile back to do this via Make2D: (3.6 KB)


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Cheers mate. Got me most of the way. Still had to do a little manual clean up. :wink:

Works like magic! Thank you sir. This is a huge time saver.