Serious bug: Join deletes curve segments

Rhino 8.7, Windows
Exported geometry: 01.3dm (57.5 KB)

Steps to reproduce:

  • select all
  • join
  • observe some curve segments get deleted!

Animation of what happens:

I found this thread: I have experienced this behaviour too and I think I understand how it happens - Rhino basically folds the polycurve over itself. It seems my file is a whole different thing: yes, there are duplicate curve segments but

  • it is not the duplicate segments but different ones that disappear (in one case they border the duplicates, in another they are not even connected)
  • these segments are straight away deleted!

(Is this some sort of borked list manipulation?)

You have two invalid (bad) curves in there, if you eliminate those (or Explode/SelDup/Delete), after join everything looks correct. I don’t know what causes the curves involved to disappear when joining, but it also happens in V7…

This is a bug. I’m working on curve joining now for other reasons and will take a look right away.
RH-82151 Curves Disappear

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