Delete Duplicate Curve

I need help with how to exclude duplicate curves, which are exactly one on top of the other. I am programming in C #.

Hello. To be clearer, I’ve put an example of what I need, that is, I need to blast this text and delete the duplicate lines and then join the remaining lines. If anyone can put an example in C #, it would help me a lot, as I am a newcomer in development for Rhino
Example.3dm (38.1 KB)

In Rhino you could use the commands _SelDup and _Delete to get what you want. And using these commands from C# is perhaps (I use Python…) related to this.

Thank you very much.
I’ve found a way to make and function. If someone has something to complement or improve I will be grateful
Below is my code

        Curve[] curveJoined;
        var CurveToJoin = new List<Curve>();
        var go = new Rhino.Input.Custom.GetObject();
        go.SetCommandPrompt("Select objects");
        go.EnablePreSelect(true, true);
        go.GetMultiple(0, 0);

        if (go.CommandResult() != Result.Success)
            return go.CommandResult();

        var selected_objects = go.Objects().ToList();
        foreach (var obj in go.Objects())
            PolyCurve poly_curve = obj.Curve() as PolyCurve;
            Curve[] segments = poly_curve.Explode();
            doc.Objects.Delete(obj, false);
            foreach (Curve segment in segments)
                if (segment.Domain.T0 % 2 == 0)

        curveJoined = Curve.JoinCurves(CurveToJoin, 0.01, false);
        foreach (Curve cv in curveJoined)


        return Result.Success;


Did you convert to python code?

There is nothing to convert. In Python you can simply do this:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
rs.Command('_SelDup _Delete')

But not same object ID it doesn’t delete.