Va GH objects

It seems that none are included with Va. Is that right?

The VisualARQ templates come with some styles created withGrasshopper def.
For example, all Furniture and Annotation objects in VA templates are from that kind. Some Element objects (the fridge, the lamp, the shower or the bathtub) are GH styles as well.


I thought it would lead to good understanding to load some .gh or .ghx objects into GH to understand how it works, but a search of my computer didn’t lead to any such objects.

You can see in this tutorial the basics of how to create new Grasshopper styles:

If you need some gh file for any of the existing VisualARQ objects that come in the templates, please let me know it.

It would be good to have somewhere to share these; but perhaps a sticky thread & update the first post as people add contributions?

Not sure if that’s allowed here?

@Prehabitat, ideally we would provide a place where people can exchange their definitions or already-made VisualARQ styles. That place could be hosted at VisualARQ website or maybe in food4Rhino. We will see.
In any case, if you need any particular definition, please let me know it.

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@prehabitat, maybe you have seen it already, but we have already added a new section in food4Rhino where people can upload and download object styles and share object libraries. Most of these styles are parametric since they have been created from GH definitions. (See the blog post about it:

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