Pipeline: order of getting objects from layer matching selection by hand

Not sure if this is a Grasshopper question or a limit in the way that Rhino deals with objects on layers. I’d like to be able to change the layer of a few objects such that the Pipeline component then reads the geometry in the same order as I selected them before moving them to that layer. Is this possible?

In general, if you set geometries from Grasshopper, select them one by one in the Rhino viewport, and confirm, the geometries are going to be sorted by your selection order. By doing the exact same procedure, but instead of selecting the geometries individually, you now drag a selection to assign them, they will be sorted by creation order. Here I guess there is no easy way for Rhino to figure out an order of selection?
The same happens, when you first select a collection of geometries in the Rhino viewport, and then set them in Grasshopper. They will be sorted by creation order. In this case, I think it doesn’t even matter, whether you select them one by one, or just drag a selection.

Since I believe you to be quite privy to scripting, I guess this could be done with some code magic! :wink:
You could for instance manually select the objects in question, when prompted by the script, and it would move them to another layer and remember the initial selection order? In this scenario, there’s probably no need for a Pipeline (Geometry Pipeline) component anymore, since you effectively created your own?
Remember, what I wrote about above! If you do the setting of geometry right, you just have to script the moving to another layer part (and maybe store the selection order for later).

Btw, does Bark Beetle work on macOS yet?

Thanks for your reply @diff-arch!
Yeah I guess I could make it work with some coding but it would be nice if I could avoid having to create a custom command. Funny you mention Bark Beetle as it’s exactly for that purpose. Most people that come in and use it at our workshop don’t know how to use Grasshopper (or Rhino for that matter) so I’m trying to limit them having to deal with it as much as possible. That’s how we ended up with a workflow of putting objects on the designated layers to decide what happens to that geometry (Cut, Pocket, Drill, …) and remove them form that layer when you’re done. I was just wondering if there was a way to make the functionality of manually selecting work with Pipeline. Coding something that does this seems doable but I think dealing with newly added geometry might quickly complicate this so much that I’d rather spend the time on improving other things.

So if there isn’t currently a way to make wthis work with Pipeline I guess we might just need to explain in those specific cases where it might be useful, to use the Grasshopper component to link that geometry to Grasshopper.

Bark Beetle does not work on MacOS yet, as I haven’t gotten access to a macbook yet to test and see which part of the definition doesn’t work.