Internalize Material for Use? Shader component doesn't work

I am working on a GH solution that places a number of kinds of mesh objects at points in a model and bakes them. I have taken the mesh objects, captured them in Mesh data components and internalized them so then can be placed as needed. That works fine.

But some of them were designed in Rhino or other 3D software to use Custom Materials with jpg texture maps, like wood grain or fabric weave or even faces & clothing. Is there a way to capture those Special Materials and internalize them in a GH component that can be fed as a materials Attribute to a Bake component?

I thought I achieved this when I took a Shader component and used Set One Material to choose the Materials file for the object (which was open in Rhino at the time) and internalized it. But when I open a new document and try to use that Shader object it shows up in the Panel list as ‘Referenced Material ()’. What am I doing wrong?


Hi @user593

You can use the Human or EleFront plugin. In Human the workflow is something like this:

I see there’s Path information in this approach. Does that mean that the shader Attributes are not ‘internalized’ but require that the materials be present on the PC and in the specified location? This would mean it wasn’t standalone and “portable”, but that you’d have to set up each PC with the materials in a specific location. I was hoping for something that was embedded inside GH

Am I mistaken?

Hi @user593,
You can internalise materials using Human.