Intermittent raytraced issues

Sky only is different. This is sky only.

The sky is dark blue above white clouds.

I noticed that the highlights in this image correspond to the highlights in the dodgy image in the post above.

Its the thing that you see when you first enter raytraced and Rhino is initializing the raytraced mode.
To me, it looks like a grayscale version of rendered mode (but different).

Ah, its rendered with sky off and no shadow casting onto other objects.

I expect that you already know all this but It’s news to me.

I finally got around to better look at this. This week @BrianJ logged a bug with similar behavior: RH-64003 Sun size is different between sessions

I believe I have a fix for this, which I will land today. It will be available in the next Service Release Candidate Rhino 7.7 a couple of weeks from now (hopefully).

I have added this thread to the report, so it’ll be notified whenever this gets out in a build to the public.