Interlink 2 Value List

Hi All,

I wish to filter the steel profile list by linking 2 value list components. I had seen someone do it before.

Can anyone show me how? (1.7 KB)


Using this

I derived this :

I think it would be easier if the Profile names and associated values came from Excel if you have a lot of them. (13.3 KB)

Neither your description or image make it clear to me what you want?

Here are two possibilities:

Profile_Linkage_2023Feb16a (7.4 KB)

So, I am hoping that if I select UB in the profile type, the profile list will populate a list of UB profile names.

That’s exactly what I did, but if you want to populate the second Value List with the TMatch results, @magicteddy’s solution is a better guess.

Like this?

Profile_Linkage_2023Feb16bb (11.4 KB)